For the ones coming from the Crowdfunding Campaign: Pick one piece of jewelry from the gallery at the bottom of the site and let me know > mail@meiraloom.com

Letting Go Deluxe CD, 2020

The deluxe version has a hand-made leather sleeve around it. Hand-printed, sewn, and signed by Meira Loom. 

Deluxe: CHF 35.- (shipping not included)

Handmade Jewelry

I love making things out of leather scraps, real silver, and nature findings. Check out the gallery underneath to see the different types of jewelry. Colors and shapes may

vary since they are all unique and hand-made. All hooks are formed from real sterling silver, so they are suitable for sensitive ears.

Write me an email to find out about prices:

Letting Go Standard CD, 2020

The standard version with the simple digisleeve made out of recycled cardboard. 

Standard: CHF 20.- (shipping not included)

Handmade Cable Ties

Cable ties hand-made from naturally tanned leather remnants.

S: for headphones, short and small cables: CHF 5.-
M: for all kinds of cables: CHF 6.-
L: for large, long cables, like XLR cables, etc.: CHF 7.-
3-pack with one S, M and L cable tie: CHF 15.-

1) Earrings "Crescent Moons", lovingly made from leather scraps and decorated with real silver leaf
2) Earrings "Youth In Spring", stone: Blue Chalcedon 
3) Earrings "Danseur De Lune" Medium, stone: Moon Stone 
4) Earrings "Acorn", made from acorns and felt 
5) Earrings "Danseur De Lune" Small, stone: Moon Stone 
6) Earrings "Sun", stone: Citrin 
7) Earrings "Silver Feathers", lovingly made from leather scraps and decorated with real silver leaf 
8) Pendant "Acorn", made from acorns and felt