For Meira Loom, making music is as important as water. For her, the water is a place of calm and of strength. As a musician, Meira Loom also loves opposites: at one moment she’s soft and gentle, converting poetry into sound. Immediately after, she is untamed and passionate, expressing her feelings in a grandiose voice.

A Swiss artist with Chinese roots, Meira Loom combines elements of soul, pop, and world music. In her music she’s seeking the essence—the essence of her identity as a person and as a musician. “What happens if I define my musical identity all on my own?” In the past, Meira Loom has played and sung in many bands and has performed on stage with world stars: Bobby McFerrin and Anastacia, among others. Today she follows her own path, creating something new and discovering herself in the process.

On stage, Meira Loom gives her audience an intimate, honest experience. Just like she follows a diet as healthy as possible—vegetarian and often vegan—Meira Loom also does without additives at concerts: additives which may enhance the taste, but ultimately only distract from the core, the essence. Loom’s credo is to play music without prefabricated loops and samples, even in solo performances, instead favoring a holistic “live music.” The love of music, experiencing it in all its forms, is always in the foreground.

As a child, Meira Loom loved challenges, practicing the piano for hours and training with hurdles in the garden. She then studied music in Lucerne and learned to sing in Copenhagen. Meira Loom is a singer, musician, and songwriter; on her debut album, Letting Go, she puts all of these qualities to use.

What does Loom get rid of on Letting Go? A lot of things. She leaves behind fears, outdated obsessions and toxic relationships, shaking off old beliefs. These are no longer valid and block the path to her true self, to the real Meira Loom. Letting Go is an invitation to the listener to accompany the human being and the artist Meira Loom on her journey.

Letting Go contains eleven carefully and stylishly arranged songs. The intimate setting makes room for Meira Loom's versatile voice which can seamlessly switch between unbridled strength and sensitive vulnerability. Loom sings about letting go and about self-indulgence, comfort zones that are no more, and changes that can be postponed no further. In between, she also reminds herself of some fundamental truths. "There is enough for everyone,” she sings as a mantra, “including myself"—and she means it sincerely, even while admitting that she sometimes forgets it.

Meira Loom and water: both are clear and transparent, but they also have a longing for vastness and a fascination for depth. Letting Go is a dive into the big blue, into the world of Meira Loom—and once there, you find it doesn’t quickly let you go.

During the past months, Meira Loom wrote new songs and put together a band. She will record her second album in summer 2021.